Friday, May 13, 2011

CZT Training Day 1

I realized today that I can blog directly from my phone, so I am going to post from the CZT training this weekend, partly so I don't forget the important things later.

This is the last seminar that is going to be held in Whitinsville, MA. Future classes will be in Providence. I am so glad I made it into this class! The town itself is in a very beautiful area of the state, with many lakes and hilly vistas. We familiarized ourselves with the grounds of the retreat center this afternoon and enjoyed the first very sunny and warm day of the month. After dinner, we walked a few blocks to Rick and Maria's home, which was chock full of all things Zentangle. There were so many works of art to enjoy in their home studio and gallery that I chose to take it all in rather than try to get photos. I did take a couple (below ) of a fabulous table overflowing with Zentangle tiles done by Maria and Rick dating back to 2004, where I spent much of my time filing away new ideas to try out later.

Tomorrow promises to be packed with everything Zentangle!

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  1. Your life sounds exciting, I can't imagine how you do it all.... create, blog, raise children etc. you must have a lot of energy!!! Hope your latest move went well and look forward to reading posts. I would love to become certified as a Zentangle teacher but it is not feasible for me to travel to the eastern U.S. right now. Happy tangling. Carrie