Friday, March 18, 2011

Beyond Paper

I have never been an artist.  Crafty, yes.  But able to draw more than stick figure people and mystery animals (is that a dog or an elephant?) for my kids, not so much.  That's why I love is simple to do yet has a beautiful and complex result.  So far I haven't ventured much beyond the traditional paper and black pen method, but last night I went to the monthly Artini Hour at the Mystic Arts Center and the topic was metal embossing.  The metal piece we were given was a 4-inch square, so I immediately knew I had to try tangling it.  When I finished, I actually felt like something of an artist for the first time.  A trip to the craft store is in order for the weekend to further my experiment with new media.

Patterns used: Ixorus, Zander

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