Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Paradox: A Study

This week Diva's Challenge was to create a Zentangle® tile using only Paradox.  This tangle is so much fun but can take awhile to "perfect."  At the CZT training, Rick Roberts demonstrated his method of doing it, and it was great practice!  It took watching someone else doing it for me to "get" it.

Here is a link to the official pattern steps:

A few tips:
-Turn your tile after each line you draw, and always turn it in the same direction.
-Don't worry if your lines aren't perfectly straight.  It will all turn out just fine in the end.
-Make your lines in the same direction (for me, it's easier to start at the small end and push the pen away from me toward the larger side.
-Experiment with different shapes...this works with squares, pentagons, etc.

I actually managed to make two tiles this week, and it's only Wednesday!

This first one started out with a square in the middle and 3 triangles on each side of the square.  When paradox-ing the triangles, I alternated the direction of the clockwise, one counter-clockwise, etc.

I remembered to take a pic of the string on my second tile before tangling it:

Here's the after.  All sections were done in the same direction.

Now for something fun:  my kids love that I have my Zentangle® supplies back in their spot on the end table, and love to look at my "drawings." My 5-year-old daughter asked to do a tile of her own, so I tried teaching her Paradox.  If she can do it, anyone can for sure!  She created the string on her own and had a little help with the tangle.  After the second section of her tile, she seemed to get the hang of it and only needed help figuring out where to end her lines.  She's really proud of her final result!  And we may have accidentally discovered a new nightly ritual.  Between adjusting to long days in kindergarten and her daddy being away, we have had quite a whiny week.  This project helped her focus on something and gave us a much calmer atmosphere for the evening.  Guess she will be making her first appearance in the challenge!


  1. Well, of course your kindergartener wins this hands down. :-) But, yours are okay, too, Mom. LOL Seriously, yours are great and I especially like the second one and you've inspired me to try a "loose" one now.

  2. I love the way your first tile spirals out from the middle, must try to see if I can get that effect. I tend to go for the fan design but combined with your colums it creates a great central spiral.

  3. So cool! I love your wavy Paradox!

  4. These are wonderful and I love the 5 year old version. By jove, I think she's got it. What a great way for her to unwind after a gruelind day in Kindergarten.

  5. Love the free form of the first one - it's always so cool to see where paradox will go - and love your daughters work - how special.

  6. Thanks, everyone! Feels good to be tangling again!